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The company are unscrupulous and prey on caring pet owners.

Have tried moving to another company but am stuck due to med history causing exclusions on any other policy.

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As the most recent issue will be an ongoing treatment to end of life, I contacted Sainsburys to see how it will work out going forward. We are now seriously considering scrapping all pet insurance (we have another dog also and our combined expenditure on the two is 200 pcm) and simply putting money into a separate account to cover any vets bills that arise. They obviously don't care whether you have insurance or not.

WTF Now you may think that's not bad he drives a smart car, he has expensive things in his house if its house insurance.

BUT NO it F****ing Dog insurance 556.14 for dog insurance for one year, I have to pay 99 per claim plus 20% of the cost of a claim also, not made a claim, not been to vet an increase of 136 from last year renewal.

I'm afraid, like others, I won't be renewing the insurance this year.

I Comment on this Review I have had to fight for every penny of a claim for my German Shepherd, I have been lied to and given incorrect advise.

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